For...of and loops

The and for...of loops both do the same thing but quite differently, both loop through the enumerable properties of an object but the main difference is that the loops through the keys while for...of loops through the values.

These iterating over only enumerable properties means that symbols are ignored because those are non-enumerable.

Both loops are preferable to for loops because there's no need to set up an iteration condition or any incrementations on the iterated variable. loops should not be used with arrays when .forEach() and for...of exist. Nobody's really interested in iterating over the keys in arrays because they happen to be the indices.

const arr = ['Hello', 'world', true];
for(element in arr){
// 0
// 1
// 2

But in objects, might be desirable to check the values of the keys.

const obj = {
 	a: 'Hello',
  	b: 'world',
  	c: undefined

for(prop in obj){
  	if(obj[prop] === undefined){
      	console.log('undefined value => ' + prop);

// undefined value => c


This is more preferable with working with arrays because in this case, you're iterating over the values and not the keys.

const arr = [true, false, 'hello', 'world'];
for(elem of arr){

// true
// false
// 'hello'
// 'world'

Unfortunately, this is not the same case with objects, for...of only works with iterables, and a plain object is not.

const obj = {
  	name: 'James',
  	age: 23,
  	sports: ['Soccer', 'Baseball']

for(prop of obj){

// => Uncaught TypeError: obj is not iterable


If you ever need to get only the values from an object, use Object.values and if you need to iterate over them, you could either use a Map instead or do this:

const obj = {
  	name: 'James',
  	age: 23,
  	sports: ['Soccer', 'Baseball']

Object.values(obj).forEach( item => console.log(item));

// 'James'
// 23
// ['Soccer', 'Baseball']

If you're not familiar with arrow functions, check out this article.

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